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Greetings reptile hobbyists!

Attention hobbyists! Welcome to a new hybrid website where standard classifieds meets new social media. No more worries about your for sale ads being removed.

We have also added a new section “Fundraisers” where we can hold those reptile auctions that we used to have on fb. So if someone in our community has an emergency, medical situation or disaster this will be a nice venue in which to hold them.  Just please contact us and we will set you up. Email


Please note: website is now mobile compatible. We have a few reports of issues using chrome on desktop computers. If this should happen, please send an email to and let us know of the issue and any screen shots that you can provide.

St Louis Reptile Show! This Sunday November 10th at 8 am at Westport Doubletree. 

Please remember to visit our admin tables and say hi to Noelle Robards Richter and Joe Hupp.  See you all there!



Classified Ads

Orange Female Crestie

Land Before Time Geckos June 28, 2019

Bright Orange dalmatian female. 15g. Definitely a cool little oddball!

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Mexican Beaded Lizard

Desert Design Exotics June 28, 2019

Hatched in February from exceptional parents. Eating great and growing fast. Will lose more yellow w

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Nephrurus levis levis, Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris

Paul June 27, 2019

Available: 2.2 Nephrurus levis levis. 2.2 Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris. Message for more information

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Subadult Male Pastel Lesser YB

Cliffside June 27, 2019

Pastel Lesser Yellow Belly Male 2018 559g

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Subadult Female Mojave

Cliffside June 27, 2019

Mojave Female 2018 692g

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Albino Special

Brad Baysinger June 27, 2019

Male Albino Special Ball Python. Eating F/T Jumbo Mice and Small Rats with gusto. Currently at 475g

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N. levis

Brad Baysinger June 27, 2019

Beautiful Adult Male N. levis ready for your ladies. Very Nice reds eating great on dubia, crickets,

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Northern Bluetongue Skink Babies

Stacey Michaels (MilkyWayReptiles) June 27, 2019

I currently have several Northern Bluetongue skink babies available, prices are $375-450 + shipping.

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Desert tessera

Sarah Davidson June 27, 2019

Tropical forest blend and Desert Tessera! Both unique to anything on the market and perfect for any

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Northern Blue Tongue Skinks

Thomas Skinks June 27, 2019

Gorgeous northern blue tongue skink babies available for purchase.

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Sulcata Tortoise

SRS EXOTICS June 27, 2019

Sulcata tortoises. We have 50 beautiful 2 month olds ready for homes. 80 each

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Egernia depressa

Bill Gaines June 26, 2019

PURE JOY! Egernia depressa babies. I have been breeding this species for around 15 years and have bu

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