The first fundraiser auction on Reptile Highway is to benefit Danielle Stevens of Geckoholic in remembrance of her late younger brother.

While Danielle was taking care of her father as he battled lung cancer in 2017 she unexpectedly lost her mother to heart failure. Her father lost his battle with cancer just 3 months later. Still dealing with legal repercussions from the loss of her parents, she recently lost her disabled younger brother, adding to her legal issues.

Danielle has been a cornerstone in the AFT world, freely offering advice and support for many as well as donating generously to previous fundraisers. Please consider giving back if you are able. The auction will go live on on Thursday 12/12 and will end on Sunday 12/15. We will be accepting auction donations thru Wednesday 12/11. If you would like to donate items to the Fundraiser, please message Kelsey VandeBergh or Chad Ramsey on Facebook or send me an email at Kelsey@kexotics with any donation items. Please contact Kelsey directly for Danielle’s paypal info if you’d like to send any monetary donations straight to her. Thank you all for your support!