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The Madison Area Herpetological Society (MAHS) is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization solely dedicated to reptiles & amphibians in our homes, in the wild, and in local legislation. MAHS focuses on spreading awareness through educational outreach events, adoption events, partnerships with rescues, and conservation initiatives throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. MAHS was started in 2010 by 3 people and now has members across the country! This award winning herp society is one of the most influential and interactive in the US with an ever growing membership of adults and kids, our Young Explorers!

Twice a year MAHS will hold a benefit auction in this group. All money will go directly to MAHS to help fund their good work. These auctions are the primary fundraiser for MAHS and the bulk of our operating budget for everything they do.

1. No reserve auctions – we are here to raise money so be generous!
2. Bids must be in whole dollar USD amounts
3. If you bid, you must be able to pay – you have 24 hours to pay for your winning bid by sending payment via PayPal to . There is NO other option for payment! Failure to pay within 24-hours via PayPal will result in banning from future auctions. There are no exceptions.
4. There are NO bid retractions – retracting a bid or deleting your bid will results in being banned from the auction and future auctions.
5. Shipping is the BUYER’S responsibility – you will need to pay the donor for the cost of shipping the item/animal before it is sent. The only exception is if you have set a meet up.
6. It is up to the buyer to know their local laws if bidding on animals!

1. Live reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates – They must be healthy, mite free, and eating well on their own. We do NOT accept venomous except hognose, gila monsters, and beaded lizards.
2. Art – make it, augment it, clear out your house for new stuff – we want it!
3. Enclosures – they MUST be clean and in good repair
4. Gift certificates
5. Cars, boats, bikes, etc
6. Reptile themed clothing
7. Epic items! Use your creativity! If you loved it chances are someone will again!

Send the following information and a CLEAR photo to . Please provide as much information as possible otherwise we have to track you down to ask you anyway 

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Thank you to all of our volunteers, members, supporters, donors, bidders, sharers, and of course, to our board! Let’s go be epic!

MAHS Benefit Auctions

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