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January 17, 2023 Jared
Got 2 healthy Sulcata Tortoises,8 months old and $350 each.Interested persons should contact me. Tex
January 4, 2022 Scott Dallas
Got 6 healthy Albino Tortoises,8 months old and $250 each.Interested persons should contact me. Text
February 26, 2021 Moshe United States
i have some beautiful aldabra tortoises for sale and they are currently 5 inches in length and i am
February 19, 2021 admin Ontario Canada
We have a collection of males and females 1 year 8 months old 22cm baby Aldabra tortoise and 5 star
January 14, 2020 Robert Blome Worldwide
Hi I recently imported two male aldabra. One male is 30 inches the other is 37 inches. I am holding
November 10, 2019 Deer Fern Farms United States
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November 8, 2019 Robert Blome Worldwide
Hi If anyone has any interest in Albino temple turtles 4 inch. ( Heosemys annandalii ) please let me
October 25, 2019 Robert Blome World wide
Hi Im importing 3 male Aldabra into the U.S. in November or December. Waiting on paperwork to be iss
September 5, 2019 Michael Thathuvaswamy (Shelledfriends) United States
I have four well started captive bred and hatched Eastern Hermann’s hatchlings that are ready
August 17, 2019 Michael Thathuvaswamy (Shelledfriends) United States
NOTE: With temperatures being high in most places I recommend that the box be held for pickup at you
June 28, 2019 Justin Calhoun Usa
I have two beautiful Indian star tortoise hatchlings available. Gorgeous and growing. $600 plus ship
June 27, 2019 SRS EXOTICS US
Sulcata tortoises. We have 50 beautiful 2 month olds ready for homes. 80 each