Invertebrates Assassin Bugs, Centipedes & Other Predatory Inverts

September 11, 2019 Haley United States
Illuden nymphs available. This species is similar to ghost mantises, only larger with a bigger crest
August 20, 2019 US USA
Letting go of the following groups of centipedes: Scolopendra polymorpha x 4 (approx 3-4″) Sco
July 12, 2019 US
Hierodula golden L2-3 Adult Females can be green, yellowish or golden
July 12, 2019 US United States
Scolopendra cingulata Greece 3-5″ centipedes hungrily chowing anything that moves.
June 26, 2019 US US
Nymphs for sale: Platymeris “Mombo” Platymeris laevicollis Platymeris biguttatus Platyme