Salea anamallayana

Dillon Damuth October 10, 2019

Salea anamallayana young adult MALE(s) Our youngest group of CB juveniles have gone all male on us, and we certainly are not in need of so many fully related males. As such, we are making two (2) of them available for $560shipped ea., or both for $960 shipped. Be sure to read the following prior to inquiring, and email us (email address below) prior to placing your order so we can discuss further with you. 1) Photo is representative of the group the animals are offered from. They are not particularly variable in appearance. 2) This species is very lowly represented in the hobby. To our knowledge, we currently hold the only female in the country. If you purchase a male, you will be notified with opportunity to purchase a female when available. 3) Care: They are relatively easy to keep. Care sheets for montane species of chameleons will be a good starting point for husbandry. Room temperature (slightly cooler is ideal) with temperate humidity levels and adequate ventilation. UVB is a must, and a small focal basking area of roughly 82-85F will be utilized. Purchasing an animal will grant you our assistance throughout the lifetime of the animal. Simply email us at with any questions you may have and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Item ID : SAn_17
Price :$560



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