Rain Forest w/ Dart Frogs and Day Geckos

Anna Mayfield September 7, 2022

I am selling my entire Madagascar inspired rain forest set up, complete with automated APEX computer system to control lights, water, heat, etc. The current inhabitants include Painted Mantella Poison Dart Frogs and Gold Dust Day Geckos. Details below. Included: -Vivarium W/ Stand -APEX Aquarium computer -Water Pump with misters, fogger, etc. -Lights -5 Painted Mantella Poison Dart Frogs (Mantella Boroni) -Multiple breeding pairs and several juveniles, eggs about to hatch as well of Gold Dust Day Geckos (Phelsuma laticauda) ***Not sure exactly how many are in there, probably around 10 adults, maybe 5 juveniles. They keep reproducing!*** -Anything else that I am using with it currently is included. I spent close to $5,000 and over 200 hours building this into a fully functioning ecosystem from the ground up with very little maintenance required. ***I am open to hearing all reasonable offers.*** Call/Text me for more info and pictures. (7zero6) 5two4 - 55six9 *Must pick up in person, we can help move it if within reasonable distance.

Item ID : 1
Price :$4000



United States


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