Pair, sceloporus minor

Jason Wagner August 8, 2019

I've been keeping and breeding this species for going on 5 years. They do well in captive environment and are hardy species, which loves all varieties of smaller insects. They prefer a basking site that is 80-100 F, and their best colors will come out when kept outside on occasion. I use screen enclosures and let them have outdoor time during the summer, but they will also have bright blue colors in an indoor enclosure, especially with good UV lighting and hot basking site. They will drink from a shallow water bowl, or spray on the enclosure sides. Give them plenty of space because they are bold and active. They will quickly get used to you as their food source and be very bold in taking insects. Females give birth once a year, normally in the Spring time, and have 4-8 babies, depending on size of the female. Males are territorial and one will be dominant with brightest colors if they are kept in the same enclosure (which is not recommended). Best to keep them in pairs. $500 shipped for a sexed pair, or $280 shipped for lone males. thanks, Jason Wagner 615 424-6050

Price :$500



United States