Female Sungazer (Smaug giganteus)

Living Art by Frank Payne July 5, 2019

UPDATE: - 6/125/19: Two have sold, only ONE left! Don't miss out. I am making available three female Sungazers (Smaug giganteus) to raise some money. I do not have a male for sale. Rarest of the rare. All three are amazing and perfectly healthy. Big, impressive dragons! They have been in my care for a over year and in perfect health. A great opportunity for any keepers that have a male or a group. Asking price is $4,500 each or best reasonable offer. Group pricing on all three possible. These are unbelievably rare so no low ball offers please. They make shinglebacks and lace monitors look common and those animals regularly go for that price or more. I am not interested in any trades. They are young adult animals (I believe around four or five years old) and are still putting on weight. They are a slow growing species and have many many more years of life in these spectacular dragons. USA sales only unless you can arrange for international shipping. Meeting and handing them over in person is possible at many major East Coast reptile show like Hamburg, Oaks, Baltimore, or White Plains. All photos provided are taken by me of my actual Sungazers that are for sale. Please refrain from discussion on the posts and PM me with any questions. Thank you! www.livingartbyfrankpayne.com

Price :$4500



United States