Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Dave C September 4, 2020

Northern Blue Tongue Skink (specialty morph) DOB: 06/17/2020 Genetics: 50% T+Caramel (Caramel color with dissolved/faded contrast while reducing the traditional black sidebands to complete or near complete removal, and near black iris), 37.5% Sunrise (yellow), 12.5% Red Buying a skink from me comes with a lifetime of phone / email support. A little more about this baby! Super Friendly!!!!! Non-skiddish Inquisitive Handleable High oranges, strong reds sides Good contrast Dad genetics dominant but momma’s faded caramel genes also displayed Very minor single kink starting towards the back of its tail - does not affect health or function in anyway

Item ID : TX03
Price :$595



United States


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