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Attention hobbyists! Welcome to a new hybrid website where standard classifieds meets new social media. No more worries about your for sale ads being removed.

We have also added a new section “Fundraisers” where we can hold those reptile auctions that we used to have on fb. So if someone in our community has an emergency, medical situation or disaster this will be a nice venue in which to hold them.  Just please contact us and we will set you up. Email


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johansen banerga January 19, 2022

Hello I’m rehoming my female 5 months old lovely gecko to a new comfortable loving home, kind

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Charles Chris January 5, 2022

We got a variety of Cherryhead turtles and Ornate box turtles available and all ready to go. Shippin

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Gila Monster

Charles Chris January 5, 2022

1 female Gila, really ready to go. She’s a proven female. The male had been adopted already. W

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Charles Chris January 5, 2022

1 female Leachie, really ready to go. She’s a proven female. The male had been adopted already

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Alino Tottoises

Wayner Scott January 4, 2022

Got 6 healthy Albino Tortoises,8 months old and $250 each.Interested persons should contact me. Text

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Blandine Cutrone December 24, 2021

Adult pair of leachies for sale. 3 years old. Please email me for more details. Shipping within the

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maria jose November 27, 2021

We have males , females , babies and Tested Proven breeding pairs of all the breeds listed below . w

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crocodile monitor (V. salvadorii)

David Green November 8, 2021

The water monitor is occasionally confused with the crocodile monitor (V. salvadorii) because of the

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2021 Male Lesser Pastel Vanilla Enchi

Brian Lemmons July 21, 2021

2021 Male Lesser Pastel Vanilla Enchi. Feeding on live mice. Produced in house.

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Cayman Brac rock iguana

Dave Durham July 19, 2021

I have male and female Cayman Brac rock iguanas. Cyclura nublia caymensis 10 months old hatched in S

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Geckos for sale

Patty Jenas July 19, 2021

I have a pair pf Rhacodctylus auriculatus pair ( 1.1 ) for sale. CB 2019/20 . Reticulated Email me f

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Sharde Mathis July 15, 2021

We are registered licensed breeders of Tortoise, Turtles, Chameleons, Geckos and Iguanas and we run

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